I was named Poet Laureate Of The Post-Apocalypse by Forbes while I talked about my book and The Walking Dead

"Hingston: Apocalypse backdrop for Edmonton poet’s new book." Michael Hingston on For Tamara in The Edmonton Journal.

"Grey Skies are Gonna Clear Up." Mark Medley writes about For Tamara in The National Post alongside Dr Lewis Dartnell's The Knowledge.

There are reviews, micro-reviews, and "summer-reading/recommendation round-ups" in The Montreal Gazette, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Quarterly, Rob McLennan's site, B O D Y,

Guernica, and others.

I also did a AMA (ask me anything) on reddit.

Lemonhound has an great excerpt.

Sarah Smith-Eivemark, the publicist at Coach House Books had a few lovely things to say about For Tamara.

Douglas Barbour reviewed the book on his science fiction & poetry blog.