My new book, For Tamara is now published by the House of Anansi Press.

Here's the website. A selection was published in Conjunctions.

The House of Anansi Press is launching their own #ReadWomen2014 campaign, with contest. I'm running my own (prizes and everything) for the first five people who spot me in the video.

In other news, Forbes has named me the Poet Laureate Of The Post-Apocalypse (re: The Walking Dead).

Plus, "Grey Skies are Gonna Clear Up." Mark Medley writes about For Tamara in The National Post alongside Dr Lewis Dartnell's The Knowledge.

There are other reviews and news here.

Events starting in Red Deer, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York are listed on the events page and at Fb and will soon be part of the Tamara part of this site.

Major Detours

If you're looking for info about my book The Work of Days, here's the old website.

I still take photos.

My blog still exists.

You can follow me on various social networks.

*I'm Canadian. That is not a typo.